Workflow improvement through app development

Workflow improvement through app development

A recycling company uses Liquam to make its work processes more efficient through an app.


Among other things, a recycling company rents portable toilets and sends drivers on tours to pick them up, place them, or empty them at various job sites. Drivers receive an analog route plan with orders and drive to the given order locations. However, the entire work process is inefficient and time-consuming, tying up working time unnecessarily. To optimize this workflow, a digital solution must be created.

The challenge

Currently, drivers manually record the information for an order in their analog route plan. This order is then converted into a delivery bill by a worker in the office to create invoices. This process takes 3-4 hours a day and is to be optimized through the use of an app in order to use working time more efficiently. In addition, the use of the app must be self-explanatory and effortless for drivers, so that even technically inexperienced users do not need a long training period.

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App Nutzung

The solution / the procedure

A digital solution is to be created. The idea: to develop an app that speeds up the workflow. The app is designed to accompany drivers during their tour, guide them to their next job, support execution with additional data, and enable job data to be shared directly with the corporate network. This also eliminates the previously time-consuming process of subsequently creating an invoice from an order.

The recycling company uses Android devices. To implement the application, Liquam uses Google’s open source Flutter framework in Dart programming language. Flutter makes it possible to develop an app that runs equally well on Android and iOS and implements Google’s familiar Material Design. Thus, in case of a change to iOS, there is no additional development need for a new code. Future plans include making the application available for the tablet as well.

The result

The app eliminates the need to rework tour orders, as data is automatically transferred to the company’s management software. This saves about 3-4 hours of time per day and the working time can be used elsewhere.


Geschäftsführung Liquam - Sebastian Karger & Sven Kramer