Pioneers of the digital economy

We develop solutions and business models for the digital economy.

We are Liquam

Wherever technology turns into a competitive factor, where traditional business models reach their limits and customer expectations become a challenge, we develop solutions in a world shaped by technology.

Using our unique combination of technological competence and business expertise, we create innovative solutions and trend-setting business models. Let’s work together to optimally position your company for the future, to decode the DNA of your digital agenda.

We develop solutions and business models for the digital economy.

Our Core Competencies

What are the areas which we can support you in?

Competition and Innovation

What impact does digitization have on your business model? We find answers to changing market situations and (new) competitors and help to create innovations and sustainable business models.

Optimization and Scaling

How does faster, higher, further work in the digital economy? We use technological opportunities to optimise and scale your existing processes and business model.

Development & Implementation

The idea is there – but what is the solution? We help you with the implementation of your projects – technically through experienced project managers as well as, if required, with our own developer resources for individual software solutions.

Transformation & Motivation

Where to begin? We will show you what the digital economy means for your company, what opportunities it offers and what risks you need to be aware of. We develop a transformation plan for and with your management level that not only engages employees, but also inspires them.

Software development

Are you looking for individual software solutions? We develop software applications, mobile apps, cloud solutions and low-code platforms.
Visit www.liquam-software.com.

Many of our clients are concerned with the following issues:

How do we deal with new market conditions and competitors? Do we need to realign our business model? When and how do we become innovation drivers ourselves?

How do we increase our efficiency? Can we optimize or scale processes or our business model through technology?

Who will help us develop concrete solutions? We have many ideas for novel solutions, but we lack the means to put them into practice.

What goal should my company – should I as a manager – pursue in digitization? How do we motivate employees to actively participate in the transformation?

Are you facing similar challenges? Let’s talk about possible solutions.


Discover the full range of our work in our selected references.

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Liquam Podcast:

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Liquam as an employer

We are a team of enthusiasts from the fields of consulting, development, sales, marketing and administration. We are united by our enthusiasm for digital topics, for the interrelationships and changes that the digital transformation brings with it. Our aim is to use as much of it as possible and to play an active role in shaping it. No matter what the challenge is for our customers from a wide range of industries – we work on a suitable solution, develop new business models, think about processes in a new, different, disruptive and digital way – and also turn our ideas into reality. We are Liquam, shapers of the digital economy.